We offer a generous selection of computers and computer software to keep your business going. We even provide software for remote maintenance.

Along with our complete list of IT setup services, we have the ability to install software on your new or existing computers that will allow us to remotely monitor your network to provide computer hardware support in Lafayette, Indiana.

We can even use it to access your computer remotely in order to fix issues that arise without having to physically be at the location.

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on all the hardware and software you need!



When you need this remote computer support in Lafayette, IN on a new computer or a collection of new computers, we have a great, cost-effective solution for keeping the cost down.

Our partnership with Dell gives us the opportunity to provide you with gently used PCs starting at just $300! These are premium quality Dell computers with i5 processors and plenty of room for upgrades. You can either buy the basic $300 computer or you can have us upgrade/optimize it for your needs.

If you need other products such as software, servers, routers, printers, and other computer peripherals, contact us at 765-637-9240.

arcem solutions provides a free broadband analysis


We don’t stop at IT services in Lafayette, Indiana (or the very same IT services in Indianapolis, IN)—we can also provide you with reliable internet services through our local partners in the internet service industry. This is extra convenient for those who plan to take advantage of our IT services in Indianapolis, Indiana or Lafayette, IN.

Going with internet and IT services from Arcem Solutions will ensure that you get the best possible service without having to make several phone calls to multiple companies to try and get everything working harmoniously together.

We Provide the Best Service in the Industry

To find out how managed IT services from Arcem Solutions can help your business, contact us today!

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