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Get the most out of your information technology with help from Arcem Solutions. Our Certified Network Engineers and Technicians have the ability to competently evaluate the IT needs of your organization in order to provide you with effective IT Solutions. We are based out of Lafayette, IN with an additional office located in Indianapolis, IN to service the surrounding areas.

get the most out of your information technology with help from arcem solutions lafayette indiana

Featured Services

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    Managed IT

    Managed IT Services is a defined set of IT services focused on reducing costs, increasing productivity, and mitigating business risks—all by ultimately becoming your Virtual IT Department. Arcem Solutions will keep your business technology running smoothly so you can focus on running your business.

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    Disaster Recovery

    Don’t be like the 40% of businesses that are ruined because they don’t have a Disaster Recovery Plan! Arcem’s technology consulting services in Lafayette, IN can help you develop a Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Plan to act as a sort of insurance coverage for your business.

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    Data Cabling

    Our Structured Cabling Services in Lafayette, IN involve linking your network with the proper cables in an efficient and affordable way. We can cable new offices, multiple locations, or we can just add a network to your existing system.

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    Computer Support

    What’s the use of a computer network without properly functioning computers? At Arcem Solutions, we provide hardware and software setup and maintenance to help bolster the Managed IT Services that keep your network performing well and working efficiently.

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    Arcem’s Network Security Services in Lafayette, Indiana provide cost-effective protection against security threats and malicious programs like malware and viruses. Achieve peace of mind for your business with Arcem’s remote computer support in Lafayette, IN and Indianapolis.

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    Managed Voice (VoIP)

    Ditch the phone company with VoIP phone service in Lafayette, Indiana. VoIP (voice over IP) allows you to use the phone over the internet, which will add many convenient features that can improve your productivity.

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    Cyber Security

    Security is a major factor for business owners to keep their valuable data safe. Cyber Security in Lafayette, IN and Indianapolis starts with protecting you at the edge of your network, securing devices on your corporate network along with client training.

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    Internet Services

    Our continuing computer network support in Indianapolis, IN and Lafayette is made even more convenient and cost-effective by providing complete internet service as well. We partner with many local internet service providers in Lafayette, IN and Indianapolis in order to find you the best deal on service. We then set you up with your own local network and internet services, complete with security and maintenance services.

get your free IT solutions consultation with arcem solutions lafayette indiana

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The experience of our Certified Network Engineers and Technicians, combined with our strategic partnerships, allows us the ability to competently evaluate all of your organization's IT needs and design effective IT Solutions.

D. Gilmartin

"The team at ARCEM Solutions is knowledgeable and always quick to respond to unexpected IT issues that arise. The dependable, quick service has allowed us to save on overhead costs by removing the need to maintain an in-house IT department. I have been very pleased with the return on investment over the past 3 years."

B. Bonwell

"Great company. They helped me very quickly when I needed it. Very professional and friendly. Highly Recommend."

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